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An Appreciation of our Local Businesses

It has possibly, never in our lifetime, been more important to support local. We’ve all heard the campaign, the hashtags, the pleas! And why do we, as local businesses make this plea ? Well, its because we are just like you! We too are paying the mortgage, the school uniform and books have be paid […]

A Day In The Life Of A Modern Witch

Fellow witches, male and female, just know I’m a witch, a fellow empath. I don’t know how we do, but we do. Others will hear the word witch and ask where is my pointy hat, if you see me grinding my teeth while smiling at someone, you’ll know they’ve just asked that! Some will veer […]

Healing Crystals or Dark Gems, Know the Full Story

Crystal Healing and their use for Wellness has never been as big as it is now. We are increasingly turning towards natural ways to heal, energise and are also increasingly aware of the power of vibration. Modern physics tells us the human body has a particular vibration, so too do crystals. Our vibrational energy in […]

What does the Holistic Approach really mean?

This is my first of four published articles I’ve been writing for “The Kilkenny observer” newspaper. I wanted to start with Holistic Living. Sometimes we all consumed by our everyday goings on. The Covid restrictions, will the pubs ever open again! The current climate has certainly knocked some of us sideways and created a lot […]