A Day In The Life Of A Modern Witch

Fellow witches, male and female, just know I’m a witch, a fellow empath. I don’t know how we do, but we do. Others will hear the word witch and ask where is my pointy hat, if you see me grinding my teeth while smiling at someone, you’ll know they’ve just asked that! Some will veer away, they think I’ll turn their children into frogs, there’s no hope for these people, Hollywood got to them first. So, what is a witch then. Being in Kilkenny of course we all think of Alice Kyteler, pointy hats, black cats and warty noses too. Well unlike Alice, I don’t have several husbands, the one I have is impossible to train… I also don’t have a pointy hat, I do however have a black cat, two in fact and yes, they are my familiars. Animals give great comfort to me . I also don’t have a warty nose, yet, I do check daily just in case… The term “Witch” historically was a positive one, the go to person for healing, herbs , midwifery and wisdom. But by the middle ages, various churches across Europe were gaining power and the word Witch became linked to black deeds and “evil”. Many hundreds of women died needlessly because of this mindset. Thankfully today, society is reeducating itself to the old ways, to our past and our shares history. As a witch my day simply consists of family, work and all the mundane tasks we all have to do everyday. I hang flowers and herbs in my kitchen to dry, usually forgetting their names and never getting around to using them. I stir my first cup of tea in the morning clockwise and list all things I’d like to manifest this day and all that I’m grateful for. I mix herbs for burning, for healing, for intentions. The same as you put ingredients in a pot for say a stew, mix lovingly and set the intention, that it will be wholesome and tasty. There is magic in all of us! As witches, we all follow our own path, some are solitary like me, others prefer to join groups or Covens. For me, it is to make magic everyday, be that in the simplest way, or with more defined intention and skill, but most importantly, to do my best each day, harm none and sprinkle gratitude on everything. It’s not a bad way to live.

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