What does the Holistic Approach really mean?

This is my first of four published articles I’ve been writing for “The Kilkenny observer” newspaper. I wanted to start with Holistic Living.

Sometimes we all consumed by our everyday goings on. The Covid restrictions, will the pubs ever open again! The current climate has certainly knocked some of us sideways and created a lot of worry about work, job stability, isolation and health. The Holistic approach focuses on our wellbeing not just being one about physical health and wellness, but our emotional, spiritual, social and mental health supports.  We often focus on the negative, one negative thought, our aches and pains. This is important to, as it is the warning system of our body, telling us that something needs looking at. However, its important too, not to unpack and move into the negative mindset.

Taking time to list what we are grateful for daily, even the smallest things can help immensely. Go for that short walk surrounded by nature. Spend time or a phone call with people who make you laugh. Look after what fires the spirit and soul, grow the wellness, not the illness and look after yourself as a “whole”, especially during the difficult times. You might find it was worth that few extra minutes every day.

What creates Wellness for one might not work for another. Looking at oneself as a whole, identifying what gives you pleasure, relaxation, stress relief, for instance will identify what works Holistically for you.

For some it might be reading in a quiet spot or walking the dog in the woods or by the river. It might be quiet moments of meditation or simply the scent of incense. It might be tending the garden or it might be going to a Sound or Reiki healing session. To introduce the Holistic approach to your life is to introduce balance, joy, harmony and fun. And who doesn’t need that.