An Appreciation of our Local Businesses

It has possibly, never in our lifetime, been more important to support local. We’ve all heard the campaign, the hashtags, the pleas! And why do we, as local businesses make this plea ? Well, its because we are just like you! We too are paying the mortgage, the school uniform and books have be paid for, food on the table, run a house. We can all relate.
But do we relate, in the evening while we browse on our phones, looking for a nice treat or something specific to buy online. Possibly and probably from a large multinational with super fast delivery. We all do it, but who are we funding? An unknown CEO, to buy his second Porsche, or his latest yacht trip in Monaco.
What happens for instance however, if you come to our shop or website, in your own county. You make a difference that you wouldn’t even believe. You are enabling us to reinvest in the shop and renew stock . You are enabling us to pay our way through life, to fund our child’s education and you are also enabling us to pump that money back into other local business. The local coffee shop, hardware, stationary provider, florist, petrol station, they receive our business when we receive yours. Our community thrives and supports itself and you as a customer get personal one to one service. You can contact an actual person at any time if you need something, no emailing random customer service pages. You get actual customer service, the way it should be. You get service like it used to be…. being able to request items to be held for a few days, or paid off over time, or bring it back if something happens to be wrong and know it will easily be fixed.
These are the attributes that form the character of our high streets and they are dying. More and more small businesses are closing, more previous shop fronts are vanishing into a residential revamp and may never return.
So when you have that hard earned cash in your hand, give your local shops and businesses a thought and a chance, before you head for an impersonal online retailer.
You are more appreciated than you will ever know.

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