Healing Crystals or Dark Gems, Know the Full Story

Crystal Healing and their use for Wellness has never been as big as it is now. We are increasingly turning towards natural ways to heal, energise and are also increasingly aware of the power of vibration. Modern physics tells us the human body has a particular vibration, so too do crystals. Our vibrational energy in unstable and changeable, Crystal energy is stable, this is what draws us to them. We know that crystals all have various properties, that are useful for various conditions, however do we think about how the origins of that particular Crystal will affect us. If not we should. In particular we should be asking where did it come from, who was involved and in what conditions. This is all hugely important to consider, as how can something heal if it comes from the dark side of the industry. The Dark Gem refers to the thousands of tonnes of crystals that are taken from the ground everyday, through slave labour, child labour and inhumane conditions and aiding the funding of war and violence. For instance, when we pick one beautiful piece of Rose Quartz, do we ask about the 80,000 children in Madagascar mining it daily or do we buy it from a shop that ensures they source from ethical suppliers. On the other side of the coin in Madagascar the largest Crystal exporter there employs locals to cut and polish the stones before export so the profits stay in the country and jobs are created. It’s important to know which mine our Rose Quartz purchase supports. In Myanmar, where Ruby’s and many other crystals come from in abundance, the militia own and run the mines thus funding war and desolation. In our shop we are regularly asked where our crystals are sourced from. The answer, from all over the world. Because we buy directly from miners co-op’s and exporters who have signed up to supplying a living wage and working conditions for their employees. If your Crystal comes from a place of growth, respect and dignity, in other words ethically sourced, it will go it will go a lot further towards your needs and healing than a Crystal that has been mined at great human expense. Shop carefully, shop ethically and it will greatly effect the crystals themselves and what they can do for you. At the end if ok…. All Crystals in Angel on a Broomstick are ethically sourced and none contribute to human suffering, violence or war. It is something we will never compromise on and firmly believe it shows in the energy and quality of our crystals. The moral of the story….. if it is too cheap to be true, believe it, be consumer aware, even with wellness.

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