Witch Ball


These Witch Balls are filled with personally mixed dried flowers and herbs to sooth, empower and bring renewal and joy. These contain hand picked pine cones for resilience and longevity. Mistletoe berries for stress and anxiety relief, the Ancient Celtic Druids used mistletoe for renewal, hope and friendship. Cinnamon for abundance, to ward off negative emotions, and protect during times of discomfort. Rose Buds for gratitude, appreciation, grace, gentleness, joy and happiness. Rose Petals for enchantment and love. Calendula Blossom for communication, warmth and success. Chamomile Flowers for purification, protection, meditation, to break curses and to sooth. Lavender Blossom for calmness, wellness and cleansing. And Lemon Balm to sooth and uplift. All carefully and thoughtfully hand blended with love and positive, uplifting intentions, and presented with a purple ribbon and silver coloured pentacle charm.

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