Viking Drinking Horn Huginn and Munnin 0.5 Litre

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This drinking horn is hand engraved with Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory), the Raven eyes and ears of Odin the All-Father. The engraving depicts Huginn and Muninn on their journeys through Midgard watching the actions and deeds of mankind before returning to Odin to tell him of all they have seen. Here they are seen following a warrior possibly on his way to battle. The picture is from the Valsgärde grave in Sweden.
Our Drinking Horns are from ethically sourced cattle horn from the EU. They are a natural hand crafted product. Because of this there will be variation in size, shape and colour making each horn a unique product. The horns are not dishwasher safe. To clean use cold or tepid water with a cloth or sponge and dish soap, never use abrasives on your horn. The horns inside surface have been treated with a special colourless food-safe lacquer that conforms with EU regulations. They are not suitable for use with sugary, fizzy drinks (maybe our ancestors are trying to tell us something), spirits or hot drinks (60c +) as this may reshape the horn. Good news, beer, wine, cider, stout, mead etc are fine. Please note our horn stands are sold separately. 0.5 Litre

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